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Curiculum Vitae
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Student @ 42
Burgy, 71260, FRANCE
96 Rue Boulevard Bessiere, PARIS
First of all, I work on MAC since I start to code. I use Sublime Text, PHP Storm or Atom, each one have something great that other may have not. I use MAMP generally so I work with Apache as server and MySQL for my Database.

I really like work on design, so I often use PhotoFiltre, or PhotoShop sometimes, to modify my pictures or create my own.

I also learn to work with Iterm and move into my computer, into the different hidden files, and how to get files from GIT, and cloud repository.

I know how to use After Effect too, I discover it for personal ambition, to build or play with FX , green screen and 3D object.

Finally, I work sometimes on Cinema 4D to build 3D objects, or to animate them.
> ldel_$/ Hi ! My name is Leo DELCROIX, I'm 19 years old, french Web Designer Student from 'School 42'. I've got an absolute passion for all things creative, in order to give the best balance between ergonomics and nice look design. My studies forms me to integrate myself into a professional way by hardworking, and whatever the software used, or the language used. By the 'Pool' teach design, I learn to be formed very quickly and efficiently.

> ldel_$/ Team Working is also a major part of what we doing at school, by "peer-correcting" the other student project, or to achieve one of them. I like to share my ideas, and learn about other developers working method, that's why I would work all around the globe.

> ldel_$/ I reach the first part of my studies, I'm now trying to get my first intership of 6 month, to improve my knowledge, and to get into a professional way.

Now, to know more about me, turn the wheel or press
I love sports, to go beyond its own limits ! I love competition for that too ! I like meet new people, learn new culture from other countries. Obviously I love new technology, and im really interested when I discover new one ! And I love video games, by the progress that they bring us, and because nowadays, there is a impresive immersion ! I made this CV interactive, so check around if there is not something hide !
Stay over the line to discover some skills
JS, Jquery
PHP, Symfony
MySQL, Doctrine
MVC srategy
I start coding in C, with very strict rules, to get rigorus. Then I start to work in infographics, for 3 project. Thoose project alows me te reach the level 5 that unlock me the Web way, and I decide to take this one.

So, I start to work only in HTML and PHP at the begining but quickly I improve my work with Jquery, JS and Ajax. I make my own Instagram, and my own Meetic too, but my last project was a Popcorn time alternative ( real time downloading, converting and streaming video website ). I make this one with Symfony and build my own video API with Node JS. I use Doctrine to my MySQL Database.

During a year (2014/2015) I work with Python to build a small 2D video game.
I have some skills in video, I love VFX ( Work On After Effect, Sony Vegas ), and 3D too ( Cinema 4D )

I know and read about it
I work with once
I casually use it
I always use it to work !
I do some advance stuff
Someone is better than me on ?

Apple harvest

1 month to the GOEFFROY arborsit field.

June 2014

Bourgogne Downhill Championship

Volunteer the week-end to the downhill championship, setup, security and track commissioner.

June 2014

ALIZE logistics

1 month to ALIZE Logistics, a logistic business which supplies most of shopping mall.

August 2014

Bourgogne Downhill Championship

Volunteer for the second time to the downhill championship, setup, security and track commissioner.

June 2015

Apple harvest

1 month to the second time to the GOEFFROY arborsit field.

September 2015

Vitor Hugo (Grade 6 to 9)

Get my first graduation. General education, I just get Old Language option, to get touch 2 years with Latin.

See It From 2008 to 2012

Gabriel VOISIN (Grade 10 to 12)

Get the High School Scientific Graduation called "Baccalauréat", with options SI (Science of engineering) and ISN (Computer and Digital Science).

See It From 2012 to 2015

Ecole 42

1 year, 12 Project done.
To see more information on thoose project done, send me an e-mail.

From December 2015